Fantasy Sports App Features offered by the expert developer

Core Features

Fantasy Sports App
Core Features

Core features are the ones that make the application functional. These features define the success and efficiency of your fantasy sports application to build an exclusive user experience.

Users App Features

Here is the list of features that will be integrated with the User App to better functionality and user experience.

  • Social Login
  • KYC Verification
  • Team Creation
  • Contest Joining
  • Refer & Earn
  • Team Preview
  • Leaderboard Review
  • Instant withdrawal
  • Add cash
  • Signup Bonus
  • Live matches
  • Upcoming Matches
  • Finished Matches
  • Leagues Categories
  • Joined Leagues
  • Leagues Filter
  • Bonus Leagues
  • Cash Contests
  • Free Contests
  • Team Edit
  • Team Clone
  • Player Points in Series
  • Switch Team to join
  • Transaction history
  • In-app Notifications
  • Refer list
  • Private Contests
  • Default User Avatar
  • Playing Player Status
  • Multi Team Joining

Admin Panel Features

List of features that will be integrated with the Admin Panel of the app to coordinate all the ongoing activities on the platform.

  • User Management
  • Series Management
  • Matches Management
  • Leagues Management
  • Match Leaderboard Reporting
  • Match Winners Reporting
  • Add Matches and Series from API
  • Email Template Management
  • Budget-Friendly Leagues
  • Profit and loss report
  • CMS Management
  • App Banner Management
  • Bonus Slab Management
  • App Notification Management
  • Payment Gateway Management
  • Withdrawal Reporting and Management
  • Bank and PAN Verification Management
  • User Transaction Management
  • Default Avatar Management
  • Profile & Password Management
  • Promoter's Referral Management
  • League Bonus Management
  • Add Fund Reporting
  • GST Reporting

Advanced Features

Here are the advanced features that will improve the app functionality and make your app unique from the rest.

  • Series Leaderboard
  • Live Fantasy
  • Reverse Fantasy
  • Batting Fantasy
  • Bowling Fantasy
  • Special Announcement
  • Live Score Card
  • Estimated Winning
  • Commentary (Cricket)
  • User Levels
  • Affiliate System
  • Chat Intigration
  • Activity Logs
  • 2nd Inning
  • Bot Feature
  • Top Players


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