Challenges faced while developing Vision11 | Case Study

Case Study
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Client : Vision11 Gaming Private Limited

We are grateful for Fantasy App Developer to design and develop our dream fantasy sports application. The idea of our team and their execution have made Vision11 one of the top multi-sports platforms in India. Their marketing strategies help us to reach out to sports enthusiasts who are looking for opportunities to play their favorite sports. Our idea of hosting multiple sports on one platform is built by their team perfectly, along with keeping user-friendly UI for each sport.

Parth Rawal
Founder – Vision11 Gaming Private Limited


Vision11 is the India's* growing Fantasy Sports platform

With the engagement of 3.1M+ active users on Vision11, it is a one-stop platform to play Fantasy sports like Cricket, football, basketball, Kabaddi, Baseball and Hockey with a live gaming experience. The platform successfully collaborated with 15+ celebrities of different segments for marketing.

*in terms of user retention & engagement


Scaling for high load management

Managing the huge database of Fantasy Sports platforms and the load on the server was quite a challenge for us. It can’t be ignored as it directly affects the efficiency and performance of the platform, also can lead to severe failures.

The solution required to manage the huge database which prevents the negative effects on the efficiency of the application.
Required a new approach to manage the load on the server which created a number of problems like -slow loading time, error or platform response.

Solution Areas

Here are the smart and affordable solution we came up with, to face all the challenges during the Fantasy platform's transformation.

Divide the load

We managed the huge database of Vision11 by taking an excellent step of dividing the load using multiple databases - MySql and Redis

Server load Management

To manage the load on the server, we set up a scalable architecture of AWS to divide the load and manage platform efficiency.


Acheived after the transformation

Using Fantasy App Developer's technical excellence, Vision11 is able to achieve:

High Scalability

Vision11 can serve millions of users without facing any downtime.

Enhance Performance

Facing high volume traffic and huge databases without affecting the platform performance.


Options available to manage the load on server and database to avoid any hardware failure and downtime.

Improve Security

Vision11 has high database security by dividing the load and chances of intruding is reduced.

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