Fantasy Cricket v/sOnline Cricket Games: Which is better?


Fantasy Cricket v/s Online Cricket Games: Which is better?


Do you enjoy playing cricket online? You need to play cricket whenever you can is satisfied by playing those games, yes. However, the relationship between playing cricket and enjoying the game has changed completely with the release of fantasy cricket on the market. Fantasy cricket demonstrated a new way to play cricket virtually without sacrificing the experience of opportunities to play in other formats. 

Fantasy Cricket is showing the new face of playing cricket virtually, without compromising the experience and chances of playing multiple formats.
Here we have done a small research and found out why Fantasy Cricket has become so popular in no time, compared to the Online Cricket Games. And the primary reason is “experience of playing”.

What determines the value of an online app for you as you use it? Cricket fans can enjoy a rich and authentic gaming experience all thanks to the Fantasy Cricket and the pleasure it offers. Moreover, you can look at the Fantasy Sports 2023 Trends. Let’s take a closer look at what distinguishes Fantasy Cricket From online cricket games:

Let’s check out what makes Fantasy Cricket better than the Online Cricket games:

- Liberty to create your team

You can put up a lineup according to your grasp of the game, depending on how much you wanted to be a member of the previous World Cup Team. You can live your childhood dream of having your team of players on the website of fantasy cricket. The opportunity to build a squad and compete on a fantasy platform is available to all cricket fans who enjoy playing the game. The team manager makes all the lineup decisions, including who will bat and bowl first and who will be moved around.

- Play From Home

Soon, you will start hearing PFH from sports enthusiasts. Play From Home, it is. It’s a great way of taking small breaks from your work and a way of refreshing yourself. The comfort and opportunity Fantasy Cricket is offering to all the cricket fans are quite exciting, play your favorite sports from your home in pajamas. The best part is you only need your mobile phone, cricket knowledge, and quick decision skills, you are good to go for the game. Online Cricket games are also played from home, but they are not good to play on mobile phones. You might need a desktop and other setups to enjoy the game. 

- Giving out rewards

Playing online cricket games offers any actual rewards? No, all of the incentives and awards given to a player are in-app incentives that cannot be converted into actual accomplishments.

In Contrast, all the rewards and prizes you win while playing Fantasy cricket are genuine. You can easily withdraw the incentives you receive from the Fantasy Sports Platform. A different motivation comes from the possibility of using virtual platforms to convert your expertise in the game of cricket into cash. It helps you know that playing Fantasy Cricket is time well spent and that you are not wasting any of it.

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- Play with real players

Ever consider assembling a team from your favorite real cricket players? Do you recall when people in your neighborhood or your lane used to address you as Dhoni? It was only a dream before Fantasy Cricket. Selecting Players and participating in a pre-recorded game are the only real-world aspects of playing cricket online.

Fantasy Cricket offers all the cricket fans liberty of participating in live matches and creating a team of real players. It’s like if you are a fan of Dhoni, and he is playing in the ongoing cricket league, Boom! You can include him in your team, you will be managing the whole team. A chance of owning a team of real players is one of the reasons Fantasy Cricket is better than any random Online Cricket game. 

- The virtual platform, live experience

When playing online cricket games, have you ever felt as though you were watching live games? Because you aren’t allowed to play live cricket matches, the answer is no.

Playing cricket seems authentic on the digital Fantasy Cricket platform. Fantasy Cricket is a complete playing experience, allowing you to put together a team of real players and make split-second decisions based on the match as it is happening. Nothing compares to the excitement of taking part in a live cricket match. What if your favorite player or captain wins on the wild before you do? On the Fantasy Cricket Platform.

Sports are all about being a part of the competition and experiencing the real thrill of spontaneity and unpredictability. 


The above facts and information discuss the differences between fantasy cricket and online cricket games. Because of Fantasy cricket, the whole concept of playing cricket on screen has transformed. It covers the full process of realizing the ambition of owning a cricket team of players and making decisions on their behalf, from building your team to ultimately earning the rewards. You can also check out the Trends in fantasy sports 2023

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