Growth of Consumer Engagement through Fantasy Sports


How Brands Incorporate Fantasy Sports To Increase Consumer Engagement?

How Brands Incorporate Fantasy Sports To Increase Consumer Engagement

The last few years have seen the emergence of Fantasy sports as a powerful platform for sports enthusiasts to test their knowledge of their favorite sports and enjoy the thrill more engagingly. Fantasy sports provide viewers of all stripes the chance to participate, succeed, and grow. It’s now a means of interacting with the sporting world.

Users can engage with the sports they love in a more immersive way. It enables fans to place a greater emphasis on individual performances than they might have in the past when they watched games and clapped for their preferred teams or players. A critical component in this is the team drafting procedure. 

How do Fantasy sports apps attract fans?

The number of “likes” and “comments” a brand received on social media was once a measure of consumer engagement. However, things have changed as new technologies have taken over the market. All thanks to the fast-paced sector like sports, where fans must be kept informed about news and happenings frequently to maintain their interest. This utilization and meeting the demands of the user base are both possible with sports applications.  

0‍1. Brand awareness vs. brand engagement

Brand engagement and brand awareness are two distinct concepts. Every day, goods, commercials, and other products are used to brand sports enthusiasts. Consumer engagement with the goods is their main objective, which will ultimately foster brand loyalty. Sponsors must make sure they can capitalize on both the matchday frenzy and the sports culture. Sports fans have a strong sense of loyalty, and OTT services provide a forum for dedicated followers. By gathering content in one location, consumers receive a premium service and may interact with pertinent stuff. Through the use of an OTT platform, sponsors can connect with customers by developing interactive branded content.  

Sponsorship of sports places businesses between the fans’ favorite items and the sponsors. The best way for brands to take advantage of their position is to create advertisements that don’t feel like advertisements. Certain companies and Sports Businesses have a close connection, such as Guinness and Rugby or Red Bull and Formula One. Utilizing the inherent loyalty associated with sports and giving the customers a chance to interact with the brand through partnership fosters trust.

Fantasy Sports App Development

02. ‍Leveraging new technologies

The development of technological advancement has given sponsors a better understanding of target audiences, enabling them to create material specifically for them. By utilizing technology like artificial intelligence (AI), it is possible to gain insights into the psychology and viewing preferences of consumers. AI provides a possibility to create more effective marketing efforts by increasing interaction and creating a more personalized customer experience that increases engagement. 

Analytics enables sponsors to target the Audience segments that are most appropriate for their target demographic as opposed to treating all OTT subscribers as one huge group. For example, Rugby fans differ greatly, but sponsors may identify which ones will be most receptive to their message by looking at variables like the material types they often consume, the athletes they support, and the platforms they stream from. This strategy even creates the possibility of using the OTT fantasy sports platform to launch multiple brand campaigns targeted at various populations.

03. The rise of OTT

Sports Businesses and organizations are switching to their direct-to-consumer (D2C) video fantasy sports platforms in greater numbers. D2C is becoming a more significant component of rights-holders media plans, according to Mediakind’s 2021 Sports D2C Forecast. In an analysis of 40 sports rights holders from around the world, Mediakind discovered that most rights holders now view having a direct interaction with their audience as being crucial, in addition to having an official website.

By creating new activations, rights-holders, and sponsors are gaining from a loyal OTT audience and maximizing the value of platforms. Although this was a pre-pandemic pattern, it has unquestionably picked up speed recently. OTT services offer a branded hub that allows users to access a larger selection of features and content in a single location.

In one centralized video portal, the OTT Fantasy Sports Platform presents sponsors with a multitude of fan-reach opportunities. According to a recent survey, 84% of respondents stated they were persuaded to purchase after seeing a brand’s video content, demonstrating the widespread consensus that video is the most engaging type of content. Sponsors can appeal directly to a committed audience by utilizing the video service provided by the Sports Business organizations or broadcasters. 

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The above-provided facts and information discuss how bands integrate fantasy sports to increase consumer engagement. Users can engage with the sports they love more effectively with fantasy sports. Fantasy sports enable fans to emphasize individual performances more than they might have in the past when they watched games and clapped for their preferred teams or players. You can also read Impact of User Experience in Fantasy Sports App Development.

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