Develop a Successful Fantasy basketball app like DraftKings


How to Develop a Successful Fantasy basketball app like DraftKings

How to Develop a Successful Fantasy basketball app like DraftKings

Basketball holds the third position in the list of most popular sports in the world. Basketball fans all over the globe are extremely passionate about the sport and searching for ways to involve it in their day-to-day life. The Fantasy Basketball App Development has gained quite popularity for a while now. With popular companies like DraftKings leading the way. People like being connected with their favorite sports daily. 

If you are the one who is interested in creating a fantasy basketball app like DraftKings, then begin with analyzing companies who are doing well in this industry and study what they provide and what their application design looks like, and what are its features. It will give a clear understanding of the whole scenario of the industry. Additionally, you can learn about your competitor’s weaknesses and strengths through this. 

What makes DraftKings a role model for other fantasy apps?

DraftKings is a unique Fantasy Basketball Solution that enables its users to create and join fantasy sports leagues with ease. Users can make their teams of real-life players and compete against other teams and users to win rewards. This popular fantasy sports application also functions as a sportsbook operator, enabling users to participate in fantasy sports leagues and win rewards and money. 

This fantasy gaming platform has over 8 million users. This platform mainly concentrates on major American sports like basketball, tennis, cricket, mixed martial arts, etc. the main reason why Fantasy Basketball App Development companies are interested in developing fantasy sports applications like DraftKings are: 

  • DraftKings has gained popularity by becoming a successful business model. The company has been gaining profits since 2016; since then, it’s only become bigger and better. 
  • Fantasy sports are popular with users. According to a recently done survey, 60% of the respondents agreed they are interested in playing fantasy ports on their devices. 

Features to include in a successful fantasy basketball app

For making a successful Fantasy Basketball Solution like DraftKings, you need to think of something that will set you apart in this rapidly developing industry. It could be anything, a feature or functionality users won’t find in other similar applications, or a promise of delivering the best fantasy sports gaming experience, let’s take a look at the features  that can work as the USP in developing a successful gaming app like DraftKings: 

01. Customization

Customization and personalization have now become essential things because users these days don’t just want the pre-installed features in the app. They expect application owners to give them the authority to customize and personalize their feed. You can even personalize push notifications to make changes in game levels, offers, etc. 

02. Real-Time Analytics

The demands of users are increasing day by day. They desire real-time analytics that can assist them to improve the app’s performance. When developers create a fantasy application, they should consider including features like live tracking and player activity analysis to enhance user engagement. 

03. Live Streaming of Video

Adding a live streaming feature is a smart way to monetize your application. You can include some features in the premium version of the gaming application where users can live stream the match and receive all the updates. Further, to increase re-engagement you can provide the highlights and match updates by showing some short video clips.

04. Gamification

Gamification is an effective method to increase user engagement. Let’s see what more features you can include in your application. 

  • Player prediction: Where users can predict the name or team of the player and get a certain rank or generate points. 
  • User participation: Users can participate in quizzes provided by the apps to check their knowledge. They can earn points with every correct answer which they can later use to unlock the new level. 
Fantasy Basketball App Development

05. Customer Relationship Management

CRM integration in an app helps in obtaining responses to various queries and doubts of users. It makes them feel attended. Users can later share their valuable pointers and feedback on the application. It is an effective way to improve the user’s gaming experience. 

06. Admin Dashboard

It is an essential feature that showcases all relevant information. It includes upcoming matches, total matches, live matches, total earnings, and the total number of participants. Moreover, a dashboard helps to manage, check, and update things like transactions, rewards, users, etc.

07. Realistic environment through AR/VR

Virtual and augmented reality generate possibilities for users to experience an immersive life-like environment. With a little help from 3D projections and smart glasses, sports companies are experimenting to attract, engage, and entertain users. With the help of virtual or augmented reality, you can easily create 3D demo videos for any sport. These technologies are the best solutions for providing entertainment in the sports gaming industry. 

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By now, you have an idea of how to develop a fantasy basketball app like DraftKings. Suppose you are interested in developing an application. In that case, you may need the help of experts like the Fantasy app developer, who can help you to develop the best and most effective Fantasy basketball application. If you are still confused then you can also check out How we can help you with Fantasy Sports App Development? We hope the above article will give you valuable insight into how you can develop a fantasy sports application. Stay updated for more details. 

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