Types of Bowling Styles in Fantasy Cricket


Types of Bowling Styles in Fantasy Cricket

Types of Bowling Styles in Fantasy Cricket

Bowling is equally part of the game of Cricket like batting. Good bowling can turn the tables and can even help you to win the losing game. Fantasy users often focus on hiring the best batsmen and ignore the good bowlers in their PlayingXI. However, the bowling lineup equally demands your attention and knowledge about the different bowling styles in Fantasy Cricket.

Types of Bowling Styles in Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy Sports operators can organize multiple bowling fantasies to allow whole cricket fans who are more into bowling than batting. 

Here, we have done our research and found out different Bowling Styles in Fantasy Cricket to assist you with the bowling lineup. 

01. Bouncer

The bouncer is one of the most destructive bowl deliveries that come under fast bowling. By throwing a short length, a bowler can rattle any great batsman. Bouncer bowling guidelines changed numerous times due to their drastic nature which can even cause serious injury. In T20, a bowler is allowed to throw only one bouncer every over, and in ODI’s two bouncers every year. In the Ashes league of 1932-33, an English bowler used to bounce to fetch the wicket of Sir Don Bradman. In modern cricket, the death of Phil Huges raised more questions about this type of bowling style. Yet, bouncing is still one of the most important types of bowling to increase your match-winning chances.
A fantasy cricket player must hire a bowler who is good at bouncing.

02. Fast Bowlers

Fast Bowlers/Pace bowlers are mostly included in the team to manipulate the batsmen through their balling speed. The bowl is thrown at such a high speed that even minor ball movement while throwing can easily beat the batsmen. Fast bowling is all about the skills of bowling at high speed and producing little movement after throwing it.
Fast bowlers are good for the team and they can change the whole game in one hour.

03. Swinger

Swinging a ball is not a cup of tea for every baller, only practice can bring the perfection of swinging while bowling fast. When a ball is released from the bowler’s hand and swings while traveling towards the batsmen, then it’s a swingball. Three types of Swing bowling is:
- In Swing

An In-Swing ball is a ball when the bowler delivers the bowl, the bowl swings towards the batter. To throw a perfect in-swing a bowler must hold the rough side of the bowl towards the batsmen.

- Out Swing
It is the most frequently used type of swing bowling. Deliveries that are away from the batsmen while swing bowling is out-swing. Outswing delivery is done to strike the stumps or knock out the batsmen via LBW, and also set up batsmen for the in-swing deliveries.
- Reverse Swing
Reverse swing can’t be done from a new ball, as it comes into effect when the ball is wear-tear and has asymmetry. When a ball is 40 oversold, then it outshines the swing.
While delivering reverse swing, the bowler spits or sweat on one side of the ball and allow the other side to wear tear for the uneven surface and successful reverse swing.
It is not easy to learn the style of reverse swing and the great exponents of all the times are – Wasim Akram, Zaheer Khan, James Anderson, and more.
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04. Leg and Off Cutter Bowlers

Leg cutters and off cutters are difficult to handle if thrown correctly. This type of bowling is quite slower than the typical fast bowls and there is no space for any type of mistake. Leg cutters are slow bowling, by spinning the ball to the leg side with their index fingers.
For the off-cutter delivery, the method is just vice versa of leg cutter. This bowling style is comparable to the off-break and leg-break spinner but required fast delivery.

05. Yorker

Yorker is one of the most difficult types of bowling styles to master, as it demands no margin. A little extra movement of the ball will end up full toss delivery out of the boundary line. But, when the yorker delivered excellently, the ball destroyed the stump.


Each bowler has his bowling style and it’s quite important to focus on the bowling line up too. The hiring of bowlers also depends on the opponent’s batting lineup and pitch condition. A fantasy user should focus on bowling line up too, as it can completely change the game. Moreover, as the popularity of Fantasy Cricket is increasing, the fantasy sports platform operators should not ignore the bowling experience of the user.
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