Top countries where Fantasy Sports Games are high popular now!


Top countries where Fantasy Sports are high popular now!

Fantasy sports are online games that let participants form a virtual team of real sports personalities. The participants act as the managers of their virtual sports team and compete by building the list or roster with the help of drafts and trades and setting lineups to create the statistically greatest sports team. Basketball, football, hockey, cricket, and basketball are some of the most globally popular fantasy sports.
These sports are believed to be the most fun, interactive, and engaging activity to compete with friends, colleagues, family, or even other online players over friendly tournaments and leagues. Fantasy sports also help improve participants’ learning abilities, enhance their decision-making skills, improve their sports knowledge, and add a realistic feel while playing.
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Global Fantasy Sports Games Market Report

In the past few years, the fantasy sports game market has shown tremendous growth, and by 2020, it will have reached approximately $20.36 billion. The growth rate of the global fantasy sports market is expected to reach $38.60 billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 14.7%. An increase in the youth population, the development of digital infrastructure, growing investment in internet infrastructure, the availability of affordable smartphones, the increased global popularity of various sports, and the launch of several fantasy sports apps are some of the major contributing factors to its increased growth and global popularity.

Is India the biggest fantasy sports market?

According to studies and a report submitted by the Federation of Indian Sports (FIFS) in collaboration with Deloitte, India holds the first spot as the biggest fantasy sports market, with an active user base of over 13 crore. The report stated that the total revenue generated by India’s fantasy sports market is RS 10,700 crore. This figure includes Rs 5,500 crore in indirect revenue in FY21 through its service providers and vendors.
Over the following four years, the growth rate of cricket will keep rising at a 30% CAGR, keeping the spot of the highest contributor to the overall revenue of the fantasy sports industry. The Indian Premier League (IPL) was a big contributor, along with the users in the Indian sports space.
The user base of the fantasy sports industry in India grew to over 20 lakh users during phase 1 of the 2021–22 edition of the IPL. While cricket maintains its position as a dominant sport on fantasy sports platforms (FSP), it is likely to see its share distributed to other popular sports such as hockey, kabaddi, football, and basketball, which are also gaining massive popularity.

List of the Most Popular Fantasy Sports Games in 2023

Before moving on to the countries with the most popularity for fantasy sports games, let’s take a look at the list of the most popular fantasy sports that are trending worldwide and grabbing the interest of sports enthusiasts around the globe.

Fantasy Cricket

Cricket is among the most popular sports globally. In India, it’s not a mere sport but an emotion and an integral part of the culture of Indians. Fantasy cricket is the biggest contributor to the increased popularity of fantasy sports in India, closely followed by Indian fantasy sports players.
According to a recent study done by FIFS in collaboration with KPMG, it was revealed that there are around 100 million players and followers of fantasy cricket at present. Not only this but thousands of app developers across the globe are offering fantasy cricket app development services at modest prices for sports organizations.

Fantasy Football

Football has undergone a huge evolution. From being a simple recreational activity or a favorite sport to passing the time in one of the most profitable business sectors with massive growth each year, By turning this sport into a golden opportunity to earn huge profits, fantasy football managed to change the whole dynamics of sports. Seeing its massive growth and profit, the global community of players sees fantasy football in a different light nowadays.

Fantasy Baseball

Initially, fantasy baseball was the one that started the craze for fantasy sports, and it is now among the top ten most played sports in the world. According to fantasy sports market research, fantasy baseball is played by 39% of fantasy sports gamers. Depending on the actual performance of the real-world baseball players, you’ll be awarded points. This game involves major league baseball that involves other major leagues, which include the American college leagues, KBO leagues, etc.

Fantasy eSports

eSports is slowly solidifying its place in the world of fantasy sports. Thanks to Fantasy eSpots software, players were allowed to create a virtual roster, and as a result, You’ll receive points based on the actual performances of real sports players. With the rise of potential esports platforms, it will be a smart move to invest in esports fantasy sports software development as you get the chance to connect with global players from different regions and continents and generate a high level of ROI.
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Fantasy Basketball

As one of the most popular fantasy esports, fantasy basketball is loved and played by thousands of players across the USA and around the world. Just like any other fantasy sport, fantasy basketball works on the same concepts and principles, which allow players to earn amazing rewards and cash prizes based on the real-life performances of the selected basketball team. If we look at the stats, 19% of fantasy sports players prefer fantasy basketball in the US and Canada.

Fantasy Hockey

The first fantasy hockey league was established way back in 1976, making it the oldest fantasy sport. Due to its long-running leads and hundreds of updates, fantasy hockey is a little less famous as compared to other extremely popular fantasy sports like football or cricket. Just like other fantasy sports, fantasy hockey also works on the same principles and concerts, wherein users can create their virtual team of sports players, and the result depends on the actual team’s or player’s actual real-life performances.

Fantasy Kabaddi

Apart from the above-mentioned sports, the traditional game of kabaddi is gaining high popularity in India due to the excitement of Pro Kabaddi Leagues and local players. There are millions of players who like to engage with fantasy kabaddi platforms in a specific season. Sometimes, the views of such games cross the views of several cricket tournaments or other biggies. Turn your sports enthusiasm with trending Fantasy Kabaddi App Development before the upcoming Kabaddi season.

Regional analysis of the fantasy sports market

The daily fantasy sports games market is scattered into various regions, including Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America. Here, we present an overview of each of these regions:

- Europe

The market for fantasy sports is gradually gaining momentum in Europe, with a continuously rising user base. The trend incorporates expanding the portfolio of fantasy sports by including popular European sports like cricket and soccer, catering to regional interests. The dominant players in Europe are Oulala, Fan Team, and FantasyBet.

- North America

Fantasy sports have a well-established and highly competitive market in North America. The trend in this region offers players a comprehensive sports gaming experience by involving the integration of sports betting with fantasy sports. The major players in North America include FanDuel Group, DraftKings, and Yahoo Fantasy Sports.

- Asia-Pacific

The Asia-Pacific region has displayed immense calibre and potential for the fantasy sports market. The trend in this region is the increasing popularity of fantasy esports. The fantasy sports platform integrates fantasy sports with popular esports titles like Dota 2 and League of Legends. Dominant players in Asia-Pacific include MyTeam11, Vision11, Dream11, and PlayerPot.

- LAMEA (Latin America, Middle East, and Africa)

In the region of LAMEA, the fantasy sports market is still in its initial stages but showcases promising growth. The trend includes strategic partnerships with media organizations and local sports leagues to increase market visibility and engage more users. The major players in LAMEA include Futbol Fantasy, Fantrax, and Athletto.

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The above-provided details and information discuss the important factors related to fantasy sports games and the countries in which they are gaining popularity. The above information also covers the most popular fantasy sports, like basketball, football, hockey, cricket, and basketball. Stay tuned for more informative updates on fantasy sports.


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North America is the region that’s dominated the fantasy sports market for several decades, but the rise of the sports craze in India makes it the new leader. It is recognized for its dominating presence among established fantasy sports platforms and a large user base.
The major factors driving the fantasy sports market are technological advancements. Rise in sports fan base, monetization opportunities, diversification of sports portfolio, global expansion, enhanced user engagement, and integration with sports betting.
The value of the fantasy sports market is USD 28.77 billion in 2023 and is expected to grow to US $76.51 billion by 2030. With a CAGR of 13.8%, the fantasy sports market is highly promising for the future.
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