How are fantasy and predictive games boosting revenue?


How are fantasy and predictive games boosting revenue?

How fantasy and predictive games can boost revenue?
Online fantasy sports games are in full swing, attracting a massive user base among the youth population around the globe. It also elevates the online fantasy sports industry and other activities related to it. Industry giants like FIFA, EPL, and UEFA have adopted and incorporated these impressive strategies into their projects to enhance fan engagement and generate revenue.
One such strategy that has become quite popular in recent times is the integration of predive and fantasy games into their operations. Huge organizations like FIFA, EPL, and UEFA are taking advantage of these fantasy and predictive games in order to create more beneficial solutions for both sports leagues and fans.
According to the experts in fantasy sports, high fantasy games have so far cornered a massive fanbase of 59 million people across the U.S. and Canada. Now it is also being recognised all over India and has managed to gather 180 million players who love playing fantasy sports. And this figure is believed to increase even more in the upcoming years. Fantasy game prediction will definitely take a leap in the near future due to the rapid launch of user-friendly fantasy gaming applications and the rapid rise in internet usage.

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The Emergence of Fantasy and Predictive Games

Fantasy sports games aren’t a new sensation; they were introduced to us decades ago, but the arrival of new technologies and digital advancement have given them a power boost. Now, sports fans have the opportunity to make their own fantasy sports team with their choice of real players and make them compete against other players and follow fans depending on how well the players perform in real life. This concept is highly appreciated across football leagues, including the English Premier League (EPL) and UEFA.
Moreover, to make fans even more engrossed and invested in them, they have come up with predictive fantasy adventure games on PC and other devices that have managed to gain immense popularity. The performances of players, results of the match, and other important statistics add more excitement to the viewing experience. The massive growth in popularity has drawn the interest of big organizations like EPF, FIFA, and UEFA to incorporate these concepts into their projects and operations.

The growth potential of fantasy and predictive games

Fantasy and predictive games hold tremendous potential for development and growth. Here’s how they help:

Amplifying Fan Engagement

Fantasy Android games and iOS games provide a gamified way that elevates fan engagement to unmatched levels. And iOS games offer a gamified approach that increases fan engagement to unmatched levels. Traditionally, fans have remained passive observers, supporting indirectly from the sidelines.
However, the introduction of these interactive games has turned these fans into active participants who feel emotionally attached to every match the team plays and the player’s performance.
The charm of predictive challenges and fantasy team ownership motivates sports fans to passionately follow the leagues and matches that improve and enhance their connection with the sport. There’s a certain excitement about predictive games, in which sports enthusiasts from all over the world compete against each other to predict the outcome of the match, the score, and the performance of the player.
The growth in fan engagement leads to an increase in viewership rate, attendance, and an overall upsurge in fan interest, which are essential ingredients in enhancing revenue streams.
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Global Market Reach

The fantasy gaming industry has taken the world by storm, with sports enthusiasts from all over the world taking part in these engaging and immersive adventures. It gives players a great opportunity to connect with other players from different parts of the world with different cultures, ethnicities, languages, ages, and backgrounds, and significant development opportunities for developers and publishers. Localizing Fantasy-based games and serving specific markets can result in increased player engagement and revenue streams.

Introducing revenue streams

The perfect blend of fantasy and predictive games is a great strategy to not just gain the interest of fans but also to generate revenue for these matches and leagues. Here’s how these games promote these revenue streams:
  • Merchandising and Fan Gear: Fans who are engaged in fantasy sports are more likely to buy the merchandise and fan accessories (for example, T-shirts and caps) associated with their favorite fantasy sports team or international players, hyping up the revenue of merchandise sales.
  • Increased Viewership and Attendance: The growth in fan engagement gives rise to a higher viewership rate, attracting advertisers hoping to reach a larger audience scale and connect to a larger fanbase. This leads to increased advertising revenue for sports leagues and tournaments.
  • Premium Features and Subscriptions: Leagues incorporate premium advantages and features that include expert analysis, advanced statistics, and more improved gameplay options through subscription models. This generates consistent revenue while providing an impeccable and enriched experience for fans.
  • Innovative Sponsorships and Partnerships: Fantasy games provide numerous opportunities for leagues to attract investors, sponsors, and partners. These collaborators can offer rewards and bonuses, promotions, and branding deals within the game platforms, forming a new revenue channel.
  • Microtransactions via In-App Purchases: Several fantasy sports platforms include in-app purchases such as virtual items, power boosters, artefacts, etc. These small transactions contribute to sustained revenue growth.

Involvement of New Technologies

The introduction of new emerging technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) has brought more power and potential to the fantasy and predictive gaming industries. VR allows fantasy team players to completely engross themselves in fantasy worlds, while AR brings elements of the game into the real world. These new technological superpowers have the ability to improve and revolutionize the gaming experience, gaining the attention of new players and further expanding the market.

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Fostering a global community

Another praiseworthy outcome of fantasy and predictive games is the development of the global community of fans. Fans belonging to different countries and demographics can connect and compete through these online gaming platforms. This global community not only adds more fun to the gameplay experience, enhancing it further for fans and opening up new avenues for international partnerships and collaborations.


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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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The extensive use of fantasy sports gaming apps for brand promotion is also expected to have a positive impact on the market. The online fantasy sports gaming market is divided into the following categories:
  • By type: free, paid, and hybrid.
  • By mode: virtual and live
  • By game: soccer/football, basketball, and others.
The report states that OFS and fantasy games increase the intake of sports in real life. Another 65 percent said that they spend more time reading, watching, and gathering information about sports than they do in real life.
It is an openly known fact that fantasy gaming pays more attention to the number of domestic start-ups in India that are now turning into one of the most popular online platforms for fantasy gaming in the world.
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