Factors affecting Cost of Fantasy Sports App like Dream11


Factors affecting Cost of Fantasy Sports App like Dream11

Factors affecting Cost of Fantasy Sports App like Dream11

Factors affecting Cost of Fantasy Sports App like Dream11
Cost is not the most important factor in building a Fantasy Sports App, but it is somewhere necessary like Oxygen for humans. Well, who wants to go bankrupt, just to set up a Fantasy Sports business? Dream11 is one of the most successful Fantasy Sports, and to build its look like an app, you need to hire experienced web and app development services. Predicting the cost of building Fantasy Sports is not an easy task, your estimation can go wrong; which might cost you two important assets:  Time and Money.
The cost is variable and dependent, as it is affected by many factors. Only Fantasy Sports industry experts can tell you the estimated cost of building Fantasy Platforms.
Factors affecting Cost of Fantasy Sports App like Dream11
After talking to Fantasy App developer experts and doing some online research, we came to the following conclusion for the cost of building a Fantasy Sports App.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Development

To know the budget of launching and operating your fantasy sports app, knowing the cost of Fantasy app development is crucial. Here are the most important factors that affect the cost of app building:

01. Type of Platform

What type of platform should you need to build your mobile application? For mobile applications, you have majorly two choices – Android and iOS. Whatever platform you will be choosing, find out the estimated cost first.
As per Fantasy Sports developer; building an app for the iOS operating system is quite affordable compared to android devices. The reason is Android is available on multiple devices and available for all types of phones, whereas iOS is limited to the Apple phone.
Before choosing the platform, find out which platform is preferred by the user and then only go for development.

02. Technology Requirements

The next important factor that directly affects the cost is technology. To develop a fantasy sports app, several technologies are used like a programming language, database storage, etc.

Here are the following technologies that might be used to build the fantasy sports app:

  • Kotlin for Android App Development
  • Swift for iOS App Development
  • Node.js for Back-end Development
  • AWS or Azure for Cloud
  • SQL or MongoDB or Cassandra for Database
  • Azure Stream Analytics for Real-time analytics
  • Google Cloud Messaging and Apple push notifications service for Notifications
  • Socket.io for Chat
  • Integrate Live Score API
  • FIFS Certification or License (for creating ethical gaming platform)

03. The features

Features are like the backbone of the mobile application which supports the app to provide the best user experience. Features shape up the application and each feature affects the cost of app development. If you are choosing advanced features, the process will cost you more.  

It doesn’t affect your app if you don’t choose advanced features, but never compromise the integration of basic features in the fantasy sports app. A few of basic features are:

  • Easy onboarding
  • Contest Details
  • Payments
  • Achievement Badges
  • Live Game feeds
  • Admin Panel others

04. Hiring a development partner

Hiring the app development services is one of the biggest factors that directly affect the cost of Fantasy Sports app building. An experienced developer will save both your time and money, along with providing you guidance to keep the project budget-friendly. Here are the factors that affect the cost of hiring a sports app development services provider:
  • The geographical location of the developer. If the outsourcing services are from India; then everything is under control and budget-friendly.
  • Experienced developers will charge more but will provide the best quality.
  • Types of software, technology, and tools the developers will be using for your app
  • The education and experience of the developers of the company

Cost Structure of Fantasy Sports Development

Along with features, the technology used, and the type of sports app/web development services; the time also affects the cost of total sports app/web development. The cost of working per hour is $25-$40 and the total working hours in a day is 8 hours.
Development ProcessTime (in working days)Estimated Cost per Process
Research and Analysis10$2000-$3200
UI Designing & App Prototyping15$3000 – $4800
Code Development60$12000 – $19200
App Development50$10,000 – $16000
Testing20$4000 – $6400
Total155$31,000 – $49,600


However, if something is expanding your budget, try to find the best alternative or eliminate it. Every single detail affects the total cost of Fantasy Sports app development. Do the research and clear your mind about the investment, the last-minute problem can spill water all over your plan of launching the app as soon as the development process is finished. Hire fantasy app developer-like expertise to manage your budget along with advanced features.
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