Reasons of the popularity of Online Fantasy Sports in India


Popularity of OFS among youth in India: Reasons you need to know

India is one of the many countries that have the most number of fantasy sports players. It has turned out to be the biggest market of fantasy sports. The biggest reason is due to the craze of cricket that Indians have for Cricket, especially The Indian Premier League (IPL) With the digitalization of India, fantasy sports have seen extreme growth as internet services and even smartphones are also cheap. All this has led to the globalization of India and also increased the number of people playing esports and fantasy sports Online.
IPL is the biggest asset for sports and esports in India, as it has helped in the growth of fantasy sports growth of India the most. The fantasy sports market has also gained a lot of growth due to the youth of the country as they have gained interest in the same. They have gained interest in earning and also entertaining themselves.

Fantasy Sports Market in India: What is it?

Fantasy sports is one of the most rapidly growing markets in the entire world, where it has over 1.5 billion users in India only, the versatility and the opportunities that it provides, enable the users to get more and more engaged in the game. One can play it sitting anywhere with players from any corner of the world. Cricket is the most popular fantasy sport in India, as everyone knows. Other sports, such as football, kabaddi, and hockey, are also growing in popularity. And it is not hidden from anyone how Indians are crazy about Cricket, as it is not just a sport but an emotion for most Indians.
Based on the performance of genuine professional sports players, the user with the most points wins money. All these have led to the outcome that fantasy sports have been legalized in India and the Indian government has recognized the sports as a game of skill and not just luck and something that people play and lose or win money illegally!


The major reason for the growth of the popularity of fantasy sports amongst the youth in India is the digitalization of the country. It was very fortunate for most of the online businesses as this has helped in their growth. Similarly, the youth that already was highly interested in online gaming from the previous decade, playing games such as GTA. This made it easier for them to adjust to the changing scenario of the gaming industry. Fantasy sports were something that needed very little investment that they could adjust from their pocket money and earn from it. And since the youth in India has a niche for earning and fantasy sports apps and this is another reason that has led to the growth of fantasy sports in India and its popularity is growing rapidly among the youth of the country.
Fantasy games provide millennials with a safe and secure platform to enjoy their favorite sport at their leisure while winning real cash incentives. Many famous sportspersons; in cities of India and also the world tend to promote fantasy sports apps, which has enabled its recognition amongst the youth and all age groups in the country. The Indian government and also the Supreme Court of the country have recognized fantasy sports as a legal game and that online sports betting is not just a luck-based game but needs high analytical skills and also skills-based. So, the Youth can play online fantasy sports without fear.
Youth are true sports fans, particularly cricket. As a result, individuals can readily embrace the concept of fantasy games. Younger people are becoming interested in fantasy cricket as a legitimate form of entertainment since it allows them to explore their interests and enhance their playing abilities. The numerous benefits that these games provide can be attributed to their tremendous popularity. Fantasy games let players earn real money while also having fun, which is a nice choice in these uncertain times. Because gaming vocations are becoming increasingly popular around the world, gamers may be able to transform their pastime into full-time careers.
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As a result, Fantasy Sports are fueling a virtuous cycle of sports investment in our country. It encourages fan participation and admiration for a variety of indigenous and international sports. In addition to providing a more intimate interaction with the sport, Fantasy Sport has contributed back to the sports sector in various ways through sponsorships and grassroots efforts and is developing a value chain that begins with enhanced and sustained development of sports in the country.
All of this has resulted in the general public having a completely different perception of fantasy sports, but there are a lot of things that need to be adjusted and modified for this sector to move forward. The developers’ foresight is extremely plain and straightforward; the more basic and friendly the interface for the users, the more it will attract new users, and these are the features that customers will cling to in the Fantasy Gaming enterprise.

Wrapping It All Up

All these have shown a bright future for fantasy sports in the upcoming years. However, it is already going up in recent years. Fantasy sports have helped the growth of the Indian economy as well and after the legalization of the platform, it has witnessed a boost in young players. During the Covid-19 Pandemic, youth have recently increased their use and activity on the platform a lot. This has helped people to invest more in the fantasy sports app and also increase investment in the fantasy app development process.

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