The Best 15 Real-Money Apps in India - Fantasy App List


Genuine Fantasy App List in India: The Best 15 Real-Money Apps Exposed Here!

Best real money apps in india
Best real money apps in india
Because of the abundance of applications in India, it’s simpler to make additional money in today’s technologically advanced world. There is an app for everyone, whether they are selling for extra work, want to invest their money, or are a student looking to make some more money.
All you need to do is complete some trivial tasks, such as playing games or taking part in surveys. They are made to be accessible and user-friendly by developers and designers, giving individuals a better method to win extra money using smartphones.
The Indian fantasy sports market is expected to thrive and develop a CAGR of 20.88% from FY2024 to FY2031, from USD 751 million in FY 2023.54 million in FY2024. Apart from that, the Indian fantasy market of gaming was initially supported by the real-money gambling sector, which contributed $2 billion in the year, IAPs, or in-app purchases, accounted for the third-highest share of earnings.
The gaming market is predicted to rise the value of 7.5 billion US dollars by 2028. Let’s examine Indian apps that actually make money in more detail.

What are these apps, and how do they work?

A smartphone application known as a “real money earning app” gives users a chance to make real money by engaging in basic activities, including shopping, viewing movies, playing games, investing, offering services, and more. These platforms mostly depend on advertising, membership fees, or partnerships, or transaction charges to make money. They also charge users a percentage of their winnings as rewards for going back or staying around.
What’s crucial for users in this case is to investigate them well and approach them cautiously. Ensuring that the app is trustworthy, authentic, and able to assist users, with possible dangers such as financial losses. Privacy violations and frauds are reduced. Users who are considerate and knowledgeable can make more thoughtful judgements that optimize their chances of having a positive experience with these platforms,

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Revenue generation model for real money apps (Fantasy Sports)

Fantasy Game Apps in India usually employ several revenue generation models to sustain their operations and provide bonuses and rewards to users. Here we present some common models:
  • Advertising: In real money apps, users encounter advertisements frequently, which allows apps to make money through clicks, ad impressions, and other user behaviors. 
  • Partnerships: Real money apps may form partnerships with other companies, such as shops or service providers, in order to market their goods and services to consumers. These partnerships give way to amazing features like referral bonuses or revenue-sharing arrangements.
  • Subscription Fees: Certain applications charge a fee for access to their cutting-edge features and capabilities. Charging this fee from users is crucial as it allows them to use the premium services and perks. 
  • Transaction Charges: Certain app functions like making purchases, transferring money, and taking profits out of the app, require users to pay transaction fees. The fee adds to the app’s source of income. 
  • Data Monetization: Real money collects relevant information from users, including their interests, behaviors, and demographics, which is helpful in market research. They might combine and anonymize this information in order to sell it to outside parties for market research or custom ads. 
  • In-App Purchases: Certain applications allow users to buy premium content, virtual currency, or in-game currency. In order to advance more quickly or improve their experience, users must pay real money.
  • Affiliate Marketing: By endorsing third-party goods and services and collecting a cut of purchases made via affiliate links or referrals, a Sports Fantasy App may be able to make a little money.
Real-money apps can make enough money to fund their projects and operations, make investments in additional development, and give users incentives and rewards for their involvement through the integration of different revenue-generating techniques.

What are the top 15 real money-earning apps?

Consider these top real-money applications if you want to earn extra money. Take a look at these top 15 fantasy sports real-money-earning apps of 2024:


Real11 has changed the fantasy sports industry functions, by authorizing users to create their own virtual sports team and engage in exciting matches and leagues to win impressive cash rewards. With a diverse range of sports contests, comprehensive player statistics, and real-time updates of matches, Real11 manages to deliver an excellent user experience.
Downloading and registering in the app is a piece of cake! In order to register in Real11, you have to download the app or visit the official website, fill in the necessary details, complete the registration process, and gain access to the exciting world of fantasy sports.
Real11 contains multiple options for withdrawal to ensure a seamless experience for users including bank transfers, Digital wallets, or Paytm cash, enabling users to easily claim their cash rewards upon having a minimum withdrawal threshold.


BalleBaazi is one of the finest platforms for fantasy cricket in this Fantasy App List in India. It captivates gaming enthusiasts with its enticing rewards and cash prices and incorporates a user-friendly interface. In order to participate in this exciting spree, users have to install this app on their smartphone through the app store or from the official website.
Its registration procedure is easy to understand which involves creating an account and filling up basic information. Once all details are filled, you’ll gain access to the app. It enables users to delve into the realm of fantasy cricket contests by crafting virtual teams from real-life cricket players. Players will receive points depending on how well their team performs during the match.
BalleBaazi Cricket Earn App also provides a diverse range of cricket and other sports contests, spanning t20, ODI, and test formats, with various contest types like classic, batting, bowling, and reverse fantasy, and more to meet every user’s preference.


Howzat provides an exciting fantasy gaming experience and gives users the chance to win real money by participating in their preferred fantasy sports. It’s easy to register using the app or website, and users can create a virtual squad consisting of their preferred players to earn points based on how well they perform throughout the game.
Popular sports like football and cricket are included in Howzat, allowing users to take advantage of a wide variety of possibilities that may be tailored to their own tastes. Throughout the competition, users are informed and kept interested with real-time match updates.
The desire to win the contests and outperform other teams makes it even more exciting. With rewards awaiting users with the team that stays on top of the leaderboard. Withdrawals are seamless, with options including bank transfers, digital wallets, etc. ensuring a seamless experience for users.


Users who want to join the fun of fantasy sports at MyTeam11 can do so effortlessly by either downloading the app or going to the website. Upon downloading the app, users need to register themselves by filling in their personal details. It may involve creating an account and filling out the crucial details.
MyTeam11 broadens the fantasy sports arena, letting users enter the contests and tournaments of cricket, baseball, football, and other prominent sports by creating their own team from real-life players. The app offers alluring cash rewards and prices that are hard to resist, which adds a layer of fantasy gaming. The rewards play an important role in motivating users to compete for the highest position on the leaderboard.
This ensures a hassle-free experience with multiple withdrawal options, including PayPal cash, bank transfers, and digital wallets, facilitating seamless withdrawals upon reaching the minimum withdrawal threshold.


Vision11 provides the convenience of withdrawals through options like bank transfers, Paytm cash, or digital wallets, making sure that users can effortlessly claim their winning amount upon reaching a minimum threshold of $100. Vision 11 is known for its 100% lag-free interface, coupled with a sign-in reward of Rs100 for first time users. Despite its recent launch, vision11 has quickly established itself as a major part of this fastest-growing application list, boasting a substantial number of places.
It’s easy to enter the game, users simply need to download the app, sign up, and begin playing to earn points and strive to win real rewards of cash. Additionally, users get a diverse range of options, catering to their ever-changing preferences, requirements and interests, such as football, cricket, basketball, and more.

Hala Play

Up till now, HalaPlay has maintained its position as one of the most popular fantasy sports real-money apps. It offers a diverse range of contestants, including normal, reverse, H2H (N), H2H, and more. But unlike certain platforms, Halaplay does not allow users to select a vice-captain, they can only choose a captain. In reverse contests, users try to score a maximum number of points by selecting players from the field of 11.
With these many contest options, user incentives, and convenient payment methods, it remains one of the best real-money fantasy apps out there. The player who scores the lowest points will be declared the winner of this reverse contest. After the sign-up process, users receive a Rs. 50 sign-up bonus. The app provides a user-friendly interface and arranges a refer-to-earn program for users to earn a Rs 50 reward. The platform has a minimum payout threshold of Rs 300 and provides numerous choices of payment, including bank account transfers.

My11 Circle

The most intriguing part of this app is that it allows users to assemble a team of 11 players for each match and compete against other players to win real cash prizes., ideal for those who are ready to take risks and keen on participating in small leagues, it provides a diverse range of fantasy games, including football, kabaddi, and basketball.
The app has over 5 million downloads and users, and the numbers continue to grow everyday. Upon signing up, users receive a generous amount of Rs. 500 through referrals. The minimum withdrawal amount is Rs 1pp, which makes it accessible for other users to claim their winning rewards.
The app offers various games and contests, generous bonuses, and a low withdrawal threshold, this application presents an enticing opportunity for fantasy sports enthusiasts to engage and potentially win real money apps.

Paytm first games

Paytm First Games is one of the prominent gaming apps that offers a wide range of games for customers, letting them enjoy and earn more rewards. All players may easily navigate through its user-friendly UI, making it a fun experience for all users. To enhance the initial gaming experience. New users receive appealing sign-up bonuses or welcome bonuses or welcome packages that may include free tokens, cash bonuses, or other incentives.
What’s more? Users can earn an exciting bonus of Rs 10.000 through the platform’s attractive refer-to-earn schemes by referring friends to sign up. Furthermore, Paytm’s first games offer free competition for players to practice, letting them practice to improve their gaming abilities without having to commit any money. Users can quickly cash out their winnings with a remarkably low minimum payment requirement of just Rs. 1, making the site rewarding and accessible to all participants.


This rising app has quickly become popular in the niche market, all thanks to its innovative and enticing offers. With the low withdrawal threshold and a diverse selection of games, it gained a lot of popularity and loyalty from users.
Boosting over 1 million active users and spending over Rs 20 crore in winnings. It quickly managed to gain popularity in the gaming community. New users receive generous rewards of Rs 100 sign-up bonus, while the refer-and-earn programme offers an additional amount of Rs 100 for successful referrals. The app contains a multi-language option, containing 8 languages to enhance accessibility for a wider audience.
With a minimum payout threshold of just Rs. 200, users can easily cash out their winnings. Overall, the app presents an exciting opportunity for gamers to enjoy a variety of games while potentially winning real cash prizes.
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Cricket enthusiasts can participate in the competition of fantasy sports on BatBall11, an immersive platform that developers created with the intention of earning large financial prizes. It continues to be well-liked by fans of fantasy cricket because of its intuitive design and wide range of possibilities. It’s easy to enter this fascinating world; all users need to do is download the app or visit the website following the registration procedure.
After the minimal withdrawal barrier is reached, the platform provides a variety of withdrawal methods, such as digital wallets and bank transfers. real-time match updates, various contest styles, sign-up incentives, and a referral program are going to be noteworthy features. All things considered, BatBall11 offers players of all skill levels an entertaining fantasy cricket experience.


Here are several different sports to choose from in this world of fantasy gaming., including cricket, football, basketball, kabaddi, and more, making for an entertaining gaming experience, individuals can create teams by registering for free, and after doing so, they will earn a large amount of points.
There are several options for players to compete and win significant prizes, with over 7 million active users around the globe, and over 100 contests each day. A 100 Rs sign-up bonus is given to new users and a successful referral can earn you an extra 50 rs through the referral scheme. It’s easy for users to access their earnings because of minimum withdrawal threshold is set 0.
Considering all things:, this app offers fantasy sports fans a fun way to play different games and perhaps win real money prizes.


Mobile Premier League, or MPL, is a well-known mobile gaming platform where players may play a variety of games and win actual cash rewards. Popular games like chess, fantasy sports, rummy, poker, and quizzes are among the many games available on MPL. To fit their tastes, users can select from a variety of genres.
Winning actual cash rewards while playing games is one of MPL’s primary draws. To win prizes that can be taken out of their digital wallets or bank accounts, users can take part in competitions and tournaments. A welcome offer or sign-up incentive is frequently given to new users who join the site.
This bonus could come in the form of free tokens, monetary rewards, or other beginning incentives. Typically, MPL provides a referral system that lets users get compensated for introducing friends to the network. As a result, users are encouraged to tell others about MPL and increase the number of users.


Meet GoSuper11, the advanced and robust platform that’s turning heads with its mind-blowing features and functionalities. Dive into the thrilling adventure where sports fans craft their own virtual team consisting of real-life players and join matches and leagues spanning football, cricket, basketball, and beyond.
With its seamless interface and addictive gameplay, GoSuper11 offers an immersive journey for every user. Whether it’s hand-picking layers, making strategic leadership calls, or staying updated with live match insights, this application ensures an exhilarating gaming experience like no other app.

Dream 11

The first Fantasy Sports Platform of India – Dream11 is one of the biggest fantasy cricket platforms out there, with an astounding user base of more than 8 crore people.
Dream11’s widespread appeal and reach enable cricket fans to play competitively and compete for substantial prizes, offering an exciting gaming experience. It’s easy to sign up: users just need to download the app or go to the website, where they must provide their name, email address, and phone number in order to register.
Dream11 guarantees a seamless withdrawal process for wins. Users have access to a variety of withdrawal options, including UPI, digital wallets, and bank transfers. However, they must meet a minimum withdrawal threshold before cashing out.

Nostra Pro Fantasy App

Nostra Pro is a beloved prediction based game in the realm of fantasy sports platforms, it brings out a unique flavor into the gaming experience. It empowers users to forecast live game outcomes across diverse sports like football, baseball, basketball, cricket, and more.
Through a series of questions related to ongoing matches, users display their sports knowledge and skills along with their predictive prowess. With its intuitive interface and real-life updates, Nostra Pro crafts a dynamic and engaging atmosphere.
Elevating the prediction-based format, it adds a competitive edge with enticing rewards and position on leaderboard, ensuring an enthralling experience for all players.

Tax on Real-Money-Earning Apps in India

When it comes to laws of tax, section 194 BA of the Income Tax Act provides some guidance, especially when it comes to income generation from online gaming apps that are more than Rs 10,000. This clause classifies such profiles as “income from other sources,” requiring a ro % tax deduction at source (TDS). As a result, when it comes to winning big through virtual games and adventures, the tax authorities get involved and take over the designed sum before sending the earnings to their anticipated bank accounts. It is noteworthy because it applies TDS in full, but the deduction only affects the cash part; the non-cash games are not subject to tax.

Hire a Fantasy App Developer: Reasons to Choose!

Here are some compelling arguments for why it’s advantageous to work with a reputable app development business to hire a fantasy app developer:
  • Industry Experience: Developers of fantasy apps contribute specialized knowledge and experience to the fantasy sports space. It guarantees that they are aware of the particular needs and difficulties involved in creating fantasy platforms.
  • Customisation: Developers can add personalized solutions with distinctive features, branding aspects, and monetization strategies to fulfil the specific needs of users.
  • Technical Skills: Developers that are proficient in programming languages and frameworks can produce robust, scalable, and error-free applications.
  • Time Efficiency: Skilled developers expedite the app development process, cutting down on the app’s time to market and allowing companies to seize market opportunities swiftly.
  • Compliance Assurance: To lessen the likelihood of future legal issues, developers ensure that the software conforms with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Ongoing Support: After an app launch, developers provide ongoing support and maintenance services, fixing bugs and rolling out updates to boost user experience.
  • Concentrate on Core operations: By optimizing resources and experience in crucial areas, outsourcing development enables companies to concentrate on core operations like marketing and user acquisition.
In reality, hiring fantasy app developers offers businesses a cost-effective and efficient way to build customized, high-quality platforms that drive growth and success in the competitive fantasy sports market.

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The above-provided details and information showcase the best 15 real-money fantasy sports apps. These high-quality platforms drive growth and success in the competitive fantasy sports market. From established names like Dream11 and MPL to emerging contenders like MyTeam11 and Vision11, each app offers unique features, user-friendly interfaces, and robust security measures to ensure a safe and entertaining gaming experience.
However, users are advised to exercise caution, conduct thorough research, and adhere to legal regulations while participating in real-money gaming activities. By leveraging the insights provided in this curated list, users can confidently explore and engage with genuine fantasy apps that align with their preferences and gaming interests.


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Real-money fantasy apps are platforms where users can participate in fantasy sports contests and other skill-based games to win cash prizes.
Yes, many real-money fantasy apps are legal in jurisdictions where online gaming is permitted. However, users should ensure that they comply with applicable laws and regulations in their region.
Users usually have to download the app from the app store or go to the website and register in order to participate in a real-money fantasy game. It might be necessary for them to consent to the platform’s terms and conditions and supply certain personal data.
On a real-money fantasy app, users can enter contests by choosing a game or sport of their choice, building a virtual team or lineup, and paying an entry fee. After that, they can compete with other users to win cash prizes while keeping track of their team’s performance in real-time.
Most real-money fantasy apps offer multiple withdrawal options, such as bank transfers, digital wallets, or Paytm cash. Users can usually initiate a withdrawal request from their account settings or wallet section and follow the instructions provided by the app.
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