ICC - New Rules for International T20 Cricket


ICC – New Rules for International T20 Cricket

ICC New Cricket Rules for International Cricket

The International Cricket Council introduced new rules and made some changes to the previous ones for the International T20 cricket format. All the changes will come into effect later this month. 

Some rules are introduced due to pandemics, and others to improve the game.

ICC keeps introducing new rules or changes to the pace of cricket and keeps it interesting for a long time. 

ICC New Cricket Rules for International Cricket
After doing a lot of research, we have found the new changes in the International T20 cricket done by ICC:


ICC banned applying of saliva on the ball due to the pandemic. A team will be issued with two warnings in the evening for using saliva and a penalty of 5 runs to the batting side. Every time a bowler throws the rules after using saliva, they need to be cleaned first. 

The new rule also removes the chances of a fielder chewing sweets and applying that saliva on the balls to change the ball swing. It is kind of an unfair method! 

- Penalty for slow over

The bowling team needs to throw the first ball of the last over at the scheduled timings. If they fail to follow this rule, as a penalty only a few fielders are allowed in the outside of the 30-yard circle till the last over of the innings.

- DRS reviews for better decision

With the high chances of less experienced umpires on the field during match innings, an additional DRS review for each team will be allowed. It will increase the number of unsuccessful requests, 3for the Tests and two for the white-ball formats( for each team). While processing the Code of Conduct, ICC Cricket Operations will support the Match Referees and a neutral Elite panel will host any remote hearing using video. 

- Drinks between Innings

One of the changes made by ICC is related to drinks between the match innings. The break can be stretched from 30 seconds to two minutes, where both teams taking part in the bilateral series would have to decide the time limitation, before the start of the series. Such drink breaks are common in the T20 leagues IPL.

- Taking run (Laws 27.4 and 28.6)

Until now, moving unfairly while taking a run used to be called Dead Ball and cost the batter a good shot. Now, the unfair move will result in 5 penalty runs awarded by the batting side. 

Unfair play and Runout (law 38.3) – The law(law of 41.3)  of running a non-striker is moved to the (Law 30) for running out. 

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- Replacement Players( Law1.3)

The player replacement will be treated if the player is replaced inheriting any sanctions that the player has committed in the match. 

- The new batsman on the field (law 18.11)

When a batter gets run out, the new batter will come in and face the ball, till the end of the over.

Batters returning when Caught First trialed by the ECB in The Hundred at the suggestion of MCC, Law 18.11 has now been changed so that, when a batter is out Caught, the new batter shall come in at the end the striker was at, i.e. to face the next ball (unless it is the end of an over). 

- Dead Ball (Law

There are many new rules related to the Dead ball law. Any external invasion like a dog entering the field, any other interference which is directly affecting the game, will be called a dead ball by the umpire. 

- Judgment of Wide Ball (Law 22.1)

Sometimes, batters move towards the crease even before the ball is bowled. It used to look quite unfair, as the ball would be called wide if it passed through where the batter was standing. 

So, the new changes made, now the wide ball is considered, where the batter is standing when the striker stood when bowler began to a bowl and also when passed wide to the normal position of striker. 


International Cricket Council, keeps introducing new changes to the different cricket formats to maintain the charm of cricket. Some new changes will come into effect from this T20 cricket league, the Indian Premier League. Any single change in the Cricket grounds affects Fantasy Cricket as the online game relies on the performance of the live-playing players. Connect with Fantasy App Developers to know more about Fantasy Cricket. 

New changes to the different cricket formats keep updating to maintain the charm of cricket. Check out these New Rules for International T20 Cricket

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