Leverage the power of this FIFA World Cup: Fantasy Football App


Leverage the power of this FIFA World Cup 2022: Fantasy Football App

Leverage the power of this FIFA World Cup 2022: Fantasy Football App

The FIFA World Cup 2022 is here and fantasy football fans can’t keep the ball. This football tournament is nothing less than a giant festival, for which football fans from across the world buy tickets to support their favorite players. A game watched by millions to know the final results and an event bringing all the football fans on one platform. The preparation has already begun – Fantasy Sports operators are ready with their platform to cover all the matches and fans are ready to watch and showcase their skills. 

In its 92 years, for the first time, the FIFA World Cup will be staged in Nov-December instead of mid-year. Still in a dilemma whether to invest in a Fantasy Football App or not? Here is the solution for your confusion. Serve yourself with the reasons for investing or advertising during the FIFA World Cup.

Why must Fantasy Football apps advertise during the World Cup 2022?

Big sports events are the best time to grab the maximum audience for your fantasy sports app. Keep your eyes on the Fantasy Football World Cup, as it is such a massive international event that it will also attract international football fans. Moreover, the WorldCup will be around Christmas, a big opportunity for all the fantasy sports operators to reach out to every corner of the globe. 

01. Widen your Audience

Marketing Interactive research of Nielsen’s World Football Report 2018, claims that 31% of females are interested in Football and 58% of the women find FIFA Women’s World Cup very appealing. Keeping the demographics in mind, Fantasy Football Apps can target huge audiences. However, this world-class football event is watched by fans across the globe, which will help you to widen your audience based on geo-location. 

02. Real-time interaction

Watching Football on TV is the story of the old days. Now, football fans participate in fantasy football and bettings to make the game more interesting. Time has changed, now fans don’t want to sit back and enjoy the match, they want to get involved as much as they want. 

They want to use their opinion and judgment about the player performance and team formation on the ground. While FIFA World Cup fans always interact with their insights about the game. 

With the engagement of millions during the World Cup, Fantasy Sports operators have a chance to have real-time interaction with fans. They can do a small research and know what they expect from online football gaming apps. 

03. Enhance Engagement

The World Cup is such a huge event that it creates big opportunities for almost all sorts of brands and industries. As per a report on the 2017 Champions League final, 48% of football fans were more active than the average Snapchat user. 

As Football is considered the most popular sport across the planet, the World Cup is the most leveraging opportunity for fantasy football operators. As football fans are highly active during the World Cup, time to hit the hammer in the opportunity to grab their attention on your Fantasy Sports platform. 

04. Brand popularity

Fantasy Football World Cup popularity is huge and it gives fantasy sports platforms a chance to brand their app on an international level. Being a world-class sports event will boost your brand reputation on an international level. This will help you to gather huge sponsorships, collaborations, and opportunities to connect with big businesses. 

05. Second screening - a new opportunity

Slowly, the line between TV and digital videos is reducing, as people started watching match snippets for the game highlights. However, it can be a big opportunity for fantasy sports brands. Statista reports suggest that during the second screening of the first quarter of FIFA World Cup 2018, 51% of people started using social media. 

Moreover, sports viewers are shifting on the mobile phone screen to binge sports events more as they can enjoy watching the game from any corner of the world. By sending push notifications, match updates, leaderboard scores, and some quirky tips to win the match, Fantasy Sports can continuously stay in touch with the game. 

06. More Viewership

In this world cup, over 1 million spectators will attend all the 64 matches. And the competition will reach 3 billion households globally, with more than a billion fans increasing on the day of the final match. 

The 2022 edition of the FIFA world cup is expected to break all the records of viewership and advertising opportunities for the brands. 

As the viewership will be on top, fantasy sports apps should be ready with their top-notch marketing services. Along with bringing the match, football fans would like to create their team and become part of ongoing messages. 

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For Fantasy Sports brands, the FIFA World Cup is a huge opportunity to leverage their business and ROI. Because of the popularity of the game, they will get widespread exposure to target football fans from across the globe. Whether it’s social media or a second screening; it’s your chance to make your place in the market. Not only target the sports fans but also connect with big brands to get a chance of sponsorship, investment, and branding. Before, it gets too late go to the Fantasy Sports App Developer and begin with the fantasy football development.

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