Fantasy Handball App Development- A Complete step by step Guide


Fantasy Handball App Development – A Complete step by step Beginner’s Guide

Fantasy Handball App Development – A Complete step by step Beginner’s Guide

The fantasy sports industry is growing and has become a million-dollar industry now. With time, the fantasy sports industry has become a lucrative business. Fantasy Handball is something new in the market. Being quite a popular game on the field, investing in the Fantasy Handball platform will be the right choice. Like any other app, Fantasy Handball App is developed. 

Let’s move forward to understand more about the game and the Fantasy Handball App development:

The process to Develop a Fantasy Handball Platform

To create a trending and efficient fantasy handball app, one needs to follow a certain procedure to get a successful application. Here is the process of app development for you: 

  • Research Market and Competitors: Research is the primary step, to begin with, the Fantasy Handball app development. One must know about the past, present, and future of the scope in the industry they are entering and investing in. 

    Knowing about the competitor’s game in the industry will help you to understand what you need to do and what not. Do thorough research on the competitors’ work, the response of their users, and where do they stand in the present market. This insightful research will help you to outperform all your competitors. 

  • Choose the right Fantasy App Developers: As a beginner in the industry, you must understand the importance of choosing a prominent Fantasy App Developer. Hunt down the previous experience, client reviews, product quality, and marketplace of the multiple fantasy app services, before beginning to work with one. 

    The experience of Fantasy App development services will not only develop an efficient platform but also guide you to pave your path among the crowd. 

  • Right tech stack: Technology is the most crucial thing you will be needing to create an app. The market is loaded with advanced technology, however, always choose the trending technologies. Trending technology attracts users easily and makes them feel part of the Fantasy Sports industry. 

Here is the main tech stack:

  1. Mobile Technologies – Kotlin, Java, Swift, Flutter
  2. Web Technologies – Laravel, Word press, Bootstrap
  3. Javascript Framework – Node.js, Angular.js Database – MongoDB, My SQL
  4. UX/UI – Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, HTML5

Follow the trends:

To be in the game, you have to follow the game. And to be an active part of this industry, one has to follow the Fantasy Sports trends. Here are the popular fantasy sports app trends to stand out from the crowd:

  1. Use of AR and VR
  2. Social Media Integration
  3. Gamification
  4. Use of Artificial Intelligence
  5. On-Demand Apps
  6. IoT (Internet of Things)
  7. Android Instant Apps
  8. BYOD
  9. ChatBots
  10. In-App Payment Integration

Right monetization models:

When you are investing in building an app, generating revenue must be one of the concerns. The revenue generation depends on the type of monetization model you are using. Here are a few monetization models you can consider to boost high revenue generation chances: 

  1. Multiple Platform Support
  2. Various Free Leagues
  3. Earnings via Participation Fees
  4. Advertisements
  5. Tactics to Engage Users-
  6. Indirect Revenue
  7. Sponsorship Fees
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Must-have features in Fantasy Handball:

Usually, there are two panels on any Fantasy Sports platform User and Admin panel. To make the application functional, there are some basic features required. Here we have made a list of features that should be there in the User and Admin Panel. 

1. Users panel Features:

The user panel is managed by the app users.

  • Team Creation – Feature that allows users to create a fantasy team by choosing their favorite cricket players. 
  • Live Results – Broadcast the match’s live results and keep the audience entertained and engaged. 
  • Winner Recognition – It’s important to recognize the winners, as it motivates other fans to play on the fantasy sports platform. Also shows the number of matches won by the winner.
  • Statistics – Help users to assist the game and take accurate decisions while making a team. 
  • Scheduling tools – To manage all the live-and-coming tournaments and leagues of the Handball. 
  • Records – To store all the information and activities done by users on the app. 
  • Wallet system – This gives an assurance of safe transaction activity. Moreover, the wallet reduces the requirement of using credit or debit cards and personal bank details. 

2. Admin Panel Features:

All the functions of the admin panel help to manage the user’s activities on the platform. 

  • Dashboard – The dashboard provides details about the matches to the user so they can play all the ongoing contests. 
  • User management – Assist admin to manage all the user activities and details on the platform. 
  • Contest management – Help the admin to manage the leagues like no of participants, their performance, winner and rewards for the winner, etc. 
  • Earning management – All the earnings, transactions, rewards, and giveaway management is done by the admin to avoid any fraud and cheating from the user end. 
  • Analytics and stats – The user performance analytics and statistics help the admin to understand the success of any particular sport/ contest. 
  • Customer Support – So admin can assist users and solve their queries, by providing instant solutions to them. 

Cost to Create fantasy Handball App

The cost is not an independent factor. It largely depends on the requirement of the fantasy handball operator. The cost depends on the factors like:

  • Type of technology
  • Type of monetization models
  • Features and Functionality 
  • Use of third-party resources
  • Type of Platform 
  • And Fantasy App Developer 

However, the estimated cost of Fantasy Sports platform development is $31,000 – $49,600. It is variable based on the client’s requirements. 


Hence, it’s the right time and Fantasy Handball is the right niche to begin your Fantasy Sports operator journey. Rarely any operator is focusing on the fan following of Handball, however, they are busy increasing the crowd among fantasy cricket and basketball

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