Top 15 Real-Money Earning Apps In India


Top 15 real money-earning apps in India!

Top 15 Real Money Earning Apps
Top 15 Real Money Earning Apps

The revolutionary advancements in technology have opened many new financial opportunities for people in this era through numerous money earning apps in India. Beyond their role as mere gadgets, smartphones play host to a myriad of apps that can convert your moments of screen-time idleness into potential avenues for earning income. The increasing expenses of living in our advanced world underscore the need for unconventional methods to maintain financial prosperity and Earn Money Online.

Today, real money earning sports fantasy apps are getting increasingly popular. Real money earning apps in India open new doors of opportunity for people to earn money conveniently from the comfort of their own homes. These applications offer various tasks, surveys, games, and other activities that allow users to earn real cash rewards. Let’s explore these apps closely.

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What are the top 15 real money-earning apps in India?

Need a way to earn some extra cash? If yes, then check out these amazing real-money-earning apps of 2024! From taking surveys to selling your unwanted stuff, there are numerous ways to Earn Money Online that you should consider. So, why not give them a try and earn a decent amount of cash?

01. TaskBucks

Taskbucks is a leading Fantasy Game real-money earning app in India that provides you with a chance to earn real revenue for executing trivial tasks such as downloading other applications, voting on other websites, viewing advertisements and videos, referring the app to your friends and family, completing surveys, sharing opinions, and taking part in events and contests.

From referrals, Taskbucks allows you to earn up to Rs. 70 per day. Yes, you heard correctly! This Online Quiz Money-Earning application is exclusive to Android, limiting its availability to iOS users. Those utilizing Android can capitalize on the app to earn money, with the option to redeem earnings through mobile phone recharges or withdraw cash through Mobikwik or Paytm wallets.
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  • 2014
  • 4.3/5
  • 10M+
  • 5.0 and up
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02. Dream 11

Dream 11 is the world’s biggest Sports Fantasy Game App in India with 200 million users playing fantasy cricket, basketball, football, volleyball, hockey, rugby, American football, and baseball. Users can display their knowledge of sports by selecting players and earning points depending on how well their real-life performances are.

Dream11 offers users the thrill of fantasy sports gaming, enabling them to craft their dream teams and engage in leagues for the chance to secure tangible cash prizes. This real-money Fantasy App platform provides a user-friendly interface and regularly updated player statistics for informed team selection.

03. Vision 11

According to Vision11 App Developer, it is India’s biggest sports gaming platform, with users playing fantasy sports. This is considered a fantasy sports management platform, providing Indian sports enthusiasts with a platform to demonstrate their skills. This application allows users to make their own teams of real-life players for upcoming matches, earning points depending on the real-life performances of players and engaging in healthy competition with fellow users.

Experience the thrill of your favorite game with Vision11, the top Real Money earning app in India. Win real cash and amazing rewards through free entry contests, with prizes up to ₹1 lakh in every IPL and Indian team cricket match.

04. MooCash

With MooCash, players can earn money by testing out free apps, watching videos, doing activities, answering surveys, and referring the app to friends. You can also earn real cash rewards for completing given tasks and introducing friends. Become a part of a community with over 100,000 people who have already made an incredible $250,000 together.
Additionally, you can get cell recharges, free game tickets, and vouchers. MooCash sweetens the deal with gift cards from Google, iTunes, and Amazon. Only 3,000 coins must be accumulated with the app in order to redeem your hard-earned rewards.

05. Qureka - Real money earning app in India

Qureka is the best real-money earning app in India. It provides a fun trivia experience where you can participate in free live quiz shows and competitions in over 25 categories and earn money online. To advance in the fantasy game app in India and win real-money rewards and prizes, players must compete in real-time against one another by providing accurate answers to a wide range of questions.

Players can participate in competitions, compete for top spots on the leaderboard, and grab the opportunity to win alluring rewards. There are several other types of quizzes available on Qureka, including Bank PO, UPSC, SSC, Indian cricketers, and the Cricket World Cup.

06. Carrom Clash

Step into the captivating world of Carrom Clash. This is the ultimate two-player board game that seamlessly combines skill, strategy, skill, and precision. Among the two most profitable games available in India, Carom Clash rewards victorious players with real money earnings.

Listed as the top real money earning app in India, it enables users to immerse themselves in competitive gameplay, competing against each other and earning real money from their gaming sessions. Players get the opportunity to generate substantial revenue through online matches against rivals without incurring any out-of-pocket expenses or risks.

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07. My11 Circle

Your favorite fantasy sports come to life in the lively world of My11Circle with more than 100 million users and a real money-earning opportunity. You get to experience the excitement of fantasy cricket, basketball, kabaddi, and football more easily on your mobile. Choose your favorite teams and begin the game. With this software, users may create teams by combining their understanding of the player’s skills, capabilities and game circumstances. Savor the thrill of leading your team to victory and winning exciting real-money rewards.

08. Gamezy

We place Gamezy in this Fantasy App List in India because it is not just your typical Real Money Cricket App. It is a rewarding and exceptional real money earning app in India. This Fantasy Game App in India allows players to take part in various fantasy sports and win real cash rewards. Depending on their virtual team’s performance in real-life matches,

The Gamezy Fantasy App Developer team has incorporated many popular sports like cricket, football, kabaddi, and basketball into this app to give players the best gameplay experience.

09. 11Wickets

11Wickets is one of the top real money earning apps and fantasy sports platforms in India that not only entertain cricket fans but also find favor with football and soccer enthusiasts. This amazing app hosts fantasy leagues and contests for both games. Players can utilize their skills to create the best-performing team of players. The results will remain the same.

The team that performs the best always wins. This real-money app has secure payment gateways, which makes it even more amazing.

10. Faboom Fantasy Cricket App

Enthusiastic sports fans are drawn to the Faboom fantasy sports app, relishing the opportunity to create their dream teams and engage in diverse leagues. Boasting advanced features like player selection, strategic captaincy decisions, and live match updates, this dynamic platform ensures an immersive gaming experience. Faboom elevates the thrill with enticing real-money rewards and alluring prizes, intensifying the thrill and infusing a delightful blend of competition and enjoyment into the game.

11. Paytm First Games

Paytm First Games is a money-earning app in India where entertainment meets opportunity. Let’s dive into real-money games like fantasy sports, card games, and trivia and get the chance to win real cash prizes and other exciting rewards. The app has a wide spectrum of fantasy sports options ranging from cricket and football to baseball, rummy, and trivia quizzes; it’s a one-stop destination for diverse gaming preferences. Thanks to its easy navigation and fun competitions, it has become one of the top preferences of players.

12. Howzat

Howzat is one of the best-known real money cricket apps in India; it’s been capturing the hearts of sports enthusiasts from all around the world. Specializing in cricket, this gaming platform allows players to craft their own fantasy sports team and engage in various sports leagues to earn money online. Boasting features like player selection, strategic leadership choices, real-time match updates, and a plethora of contest options, Howzat ensures an exhilarating and fiercely competitive gaming experience.

13. Cointiply - Money earning app in India

As the top money-earning app in India, Cointiply provides a variety of ways for users to earn incentives. There are several ways to get money, from purchasing online and watching videos to signing up for alluring services. Give your thoughts about well-known brands and companies in exchange for actual cryptocurrency. By doing tasks like filling out surveys, playing free games, and investigating new goods and companies, Cointiply users can make up to $30 a month on average.

  • Launched In
  • Ratings
  • Downloads
  • Required Android Version
  • Install (Android)
  • 2020
  • 4.3/5
  • 1M+
  • 5.0 and up
  • Visit

14. Taurus

Taurus, a lucrative app, rewards players for engaging in a variety of 5-minute games. Notably, it stands out because it provides a seamless gaming experience free from intrusive ads. The app’s flagship game, Teen Patti, a popular card game also known as Indian Poker, takes centre stage in user preferences. Upon registering, players are greeted with a generous Rs. 92 sign-up bonus, and each cash deposit brings an additional real-cash incentive. Taurus ensures a rewarding and uninterrupted gaming journey.

15. Leaguex

With its unique approach, LeagueX is a fantasy sports app that has become the face of innovation and is causing waves in the gaming business and secured its place in the best fantasy apps list in India. Known for its dynamic platform, sports fans can create fantasy teams and join a range of sports leagues, including basketball, football, cricket, and more, to show their skills and earn real money in India with this app. The software has received a lot of praise, which is partly due to its unique features and intuitive layout.

The excitement and competition of the gaming experience are further enhanced by the attraction of enticing bonuses and real-cash rewards. Irrespective of your level of interest in sports, LeagueX offers a user-friendly and entertaining way for you to share your expertise and talents in the game.

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The Final words about real money-earning apps in India.

The above-provided details and information talk about the top 15 best real-money-earning apps in India. We hope this information will help you learn more about these fantasy sports apps that offer real-money rewards and prizes and understand why they are the best. Stay tuned for more updates.

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Real money earning app in India that offers users the chance to earn money. Nevertheless, before choosing to download and use any money-making program, you should proceed with caution and careful investigation. It is important to carefully read the terms and conditions and understand the risks and benefits associated with using the application.
Money earning apps in India is a bigger segment and most demanded one due to the interest of millions of users. There are several mobile applications through which players can earn real money rewards, like EarnKaro, Google Opinion Rewards, TaskBucks, App Trailer, and Swagbucks.
The earning potential from money-earning apps in India fluctuates depending on the app, the time invested, and task performance. Generally, most apps allow users to earn money online and pocket a few dollars daily through their activities.
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